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Root Caries – Root Decay

Dr. Lorenzana - Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Carie also known as decay is a dental disease that consists in the destruction of tooth tissues as consequences of demineralization due the acids generated by dental plaque. Root caries is the name given to a caries that originates over a dental root surface. 

This is a very common type of decay especially once the patient grows to an adult age. Is very common that as we grow old the number of medicine we need increase, many of those medicine cause reduction on the quantity of saliva we produce, this cause an increase on bacteria activity as without saliva protection bacteria attach to our teeth and our teeth are mostly affected by this bacteria acids. 
Root caries is considered one of the main reasons for dental loss, it is very advisable to receive proper treatment on time to avoid dental loss, if tooth loss occurs it would be needed a dental implant. 
Patients suffering from periodontal disease are more exposed to suffer root decay from bacteria concentrated in periodontal pockets and from the exposition of dental root. The same way smokers have more probabilities to suffer root decay since it is demonstrated that they have more bacteria in plaque.

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