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Fear to the dentist

Sofia Hernández - Monday, March 06, 2017

Big part of general population fears going to the dentist, this is the same reason by which all dentist can be sure that at least one of those patients will consult with them.

This fear to the dentist is based on how painful will be go for consultation, since many times those fears are unfounded since childhood with the idea that going to the dentist is something painful, everybody has seen or hear about how painful is supposed to be a molar extraction, something that is internalized since childhood.

As irrelevant as it seems, this is one of the biggest problems we face both dentist and patients, since some people suffer from such a big fear that won’t go to the dentist for years and when they finally realize is necessary a visit to the dentist, treatments needed are very extensive and complex; the worst thing is in most of cases patients could have prevent or treat those dental problems in early stages saving money and saving suffering.

Unfounded but highly problematic

Not going to the dentist when suffering some pathology only achieves to give time to it becomes something serious and complicated. We must bear in mind that many oral diseases don’t have any symptoms until it’s very advanced and in some cases too late to save tooth.

It is ironic how so many patients that fear to go to the dentist suffer from pain for which they self-medicate and can spent even years suffering such intense pain and degenerative problems before going to visit the dentist.

Truth is there’s no reason to fear going to the dentist, the advances that have had the branch of dentistry allows development and implementation of increasingly less invasive techniques, also the anesthesia used on each procedure allows that most of patient go back home in an average of one hour and a half with their smile restored.

When deciding if schedule an appointment with the dentist or not you should remember that your oral health is much more important than your fears, above all because some disease like tooth decay or periodontal disease are progressive and without treatment they can cause irreversible damage such as tooth loss.

Generally the first visit, after long time without going to the dentist, will be the longest since a good professional will examine your mouth in detail and explain every part of the procedures needed, also make sure to communicate to your dentist how you feel and all your doubts, so he/she can provide support.

If the treatment you need is extensive and complex make sure to evaluate the options your dentist recommend since while longer you wait to receive treatment more complex the treatment will turn.

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