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Anodontia –Congenital absence of teeth

Sofia Hernández - Monday, July 17, 2017

The anodontia is a congenital strange disease that is characterized by the absence of a number of teeth. Two types exits: total anodontia and the partial one.


Total Anodontia 

Completed or total absence of dental pieces is strange. It is an alteration that happens when it is in the habit of associating to a widespread disorder, as part of the syndrome of Hereditary Displasia Ectodermica , which is it an abnormality in the aspect of the cells due tolerations in the process of ripeness of the same ones, that transmit often  as recessive disease linked to the chromosomes X. There exits the induced or false anodontia, results of the extraction of all teeth

Parcial Anodontia

Affects one or more teeth and is a frequent disorder; this type of anodontia is common in permanent dentition. It can bring some such disorders as:

Aesthetic consequences

Are especially important when the lack of dental pieces takes place in the zone of smile, supposing in cause the appearance of complexes in some persons.

Loss of osseous support that takes place before the lack of teeth, carry on with a deformation of the facial features, distorted lips: labial collapse, loss of the labial expression, expanded mouth.

Functional alterations

Insufficient crushing of the food, needing compensatory mechanisms for digestion

Problems of phonation, there will declare badly the phonemes or linguo-dental sounds and lip-dental .

Inclination, Migration and Rotation of the remaining teeth

Inclination: The tooth changes axial, there are needed slight and constant forces


Migration: It is the change in the position of the teeth as results of an interruption of the forces of balance around it.



Rotation:  Wrong position of a tooth that has turned on longitudinal axis or that has been displaced up to this normal position.



Placement of dental implants and   restoration is the solutions to the anodontia.

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